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Whether It's Industrial Machinery or Mobile Equipment, We Have The Facilities and Equipment to Solve Your Fluid Power Needs.

Five Rivers Hydraulics is a repair, manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for the mobile and industrial fluid power industry. Our facility is designed primarily for cylinders. For all other fluid power needs, please visit our other companies at and

While most hydraulic repair companies try to do everything under one roof, we focus on doing one thing and doing it right, in a clean, controlled environment.

We have the ability to repair or manufacture cylinders from small to thirty-six inch bore or larger with strokes to forty feet and beyond. Unlike most of our competitors, who simply reseal cylinders and call it a rebuild, we take a different approach.

Please see our FAQ page to see all that's involved with a typical cylinder repair.

All hydraulic systems are dependent upon cleanliness as to its longevity. Contamination is the leading cause of failure in hydraulic systems. Clean systems last longer, are more efficient, consume less energy, and reduce overall operating cost. When it comes to cleanliness, we practice what we preach. All our employees pride themselves with our dedication to keeping and maintaining a clean shop environment unmatched by any of our competitors.

We recommend you visit with your current supplier and look closely at their facility and the way they organize themselves, then come see us an decide who you feel would best meet your cylinder needs.

Please browse around this site and if you have any questions, we encourage you to call us at 1.800.628.9974 where you can talk to a live person (not voicemail) and see how Five Rivers Hydraulics, Inc. can help you with your fluid power needs.


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